Tanners of Nordic hides

start1Kokkolan produces Nordic elk,
reindeer and deer leathers

Our leather factory focuses on high-quality Nordic elk,
reindeer and deer leathers that are used for premium
leather products.

Our most popular product is Nordic elk leather (Alces alces),
which has a richness that makes it stand out among all other
elk leathers. Nordic elk leather is the most durable type of elk

Nordic reindeer and deer leathers have also become very
sought-after leathers in the garment and glove industries.
These leathers are very light, durable and versatile.

We manufacture leathers for companies to order. Volumes
and delivery times are always agreed on a case-by-case basis.
Over 90% of our production is exported overseas, to over
20 countries.

From carefully selected game rawhide
to premium leather

There are approximately 640,000 hunters in the Nordic countries,
and around 300,000 of these are in Finland. We have worked
start2persistently towards obtaining the high quality hides we demand,
and this work is starting to pay off in the way hunters are handling
hides right after a kill. We only accept first-class rawhides, and our
years of experience as buyers of hides and working closely together
with hunters and our trusted suppliers ensure that we have the
quality and volume that we require. In addition, our logistics
operates seamlessly thanks to our own fleet of transport.